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Kea Atelier | Il Giardino Segreto. Abiti Sposa e Cerimonia Catania

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The dream that became reality

The great dream of a young girl: to create an atelier for wedding, ceremony and high fashion dresses in her city, Catania. And all this in order that every important moment is made unique in both style and atmosphere.

Thus, the persistance of that child gave birth to Kea Atelier – The Secret Garden precisely in Catania. An atelier of high-tailoring. A place where the dreams of the young girl in all women finally come to life. All this thanks to the experience gained by Carmela at the largest fashion houses. But above all, thanks to her inspiration, marked in particular by a love for detail and a uniqueness of style.

In particular Kea Atelier – The Secret Garden is specialized in giving new life to old memories. This is why the atelier repairs and modifies those clothes which are impossible to give up. More importantly, the atelier creates unique clothes in the most precious materials and in the most sought-after fabrics. All this in Catania or rather in the beating heart of Sicilian creativity.

The charm of tradition, contemporary style

Kea Atelier – The Secret Garden creates high fashion garments made in the finest fabrics with attention to the smallest of details. Not only that, it also offers entirely handmade wedding dresses.

Above all the great characteristic of Kea Atelier is the bobbin work or rather the ancient instrument used to make laces, those that once decorated the bridal trousseau. Finally today, lightened by a process that uses more delicate fabrics, these laces embellish sophisticated and unique fashion creations. For example the Calatinus collection. This collection combines bobbin lace making with the chromatism of Caltagirone’s ceramic art. In conclusion: Sicilian fashion is projected into a cosmopolitan dimension. We are far from the clichés of the normally widespread iconography. Yet the collection is deeply imbued with the concept of the typical beauty of Sicily, an eternal beauty, far from fashion but full of style.

Kea Atelier is waiting for you in Viagrande, in the province of Catania to show you its creations.