Catania Formal Wear

Catania Formal Wear Kea Atelier

Cerimonia Catania su misura

Your style is about you

Each ceremony has the bride as the protagonist. But the bridesmaids, the witnesses, and every single guest are supporting characters. This is the reason why they too want and must show their own elegance and style.

Above all, your formal wear is about you. Kea Atelier has designed its own lines of formal dresses to interpret the personality of every woman. This is why every element of the formal dress is taken care of in the finest detail. And obviously enhanced by precious accessories that make your choice personal.

Elegance and details: your winning choice

The formal wear of Kea Atelier in Catania is created to give all women the security of being beautiful and elegant in every occasion. Naturally at our atelier you will find many options not only of great class and elegance, but also with an extra touch that comes from the creativity of our atelier and from the desire of every woman to always be unique in every way.

The elegance and exclusivity of your dress are our goal. For this reason our formal wear lines are designed to be artist’s brush strokes on your figure. Elegant and confident, in the splendor of your particular and personal beauty. In this way you can imagine Kea on your important occasions. But not only this. Kea Atelier spends time searching for the most precious and on trend fabrics, because your style is contemporary and absolute at the same time.

Accessories: our passion

Obviously what completes an outfit are the accessories. Thanks to our bobbin workmanship you can complete your dress in an inimitable way. For example, combining the dress with a “tombolosa”, or our Sicilian coffa embellished with this ancient embroidery. This detail will certainly make your choice very personal.

Elegance even for the little ones

Kea Atelier also thinks about the little ones, imagining and creating clothes and accessories dedicated to children, whether they are guests or flowergirls and pageboys. In both cases, they too can find a way to be stars of a special day.