Wedding Dresses photo Cataniaa sposa catania

Wedding dresses photo Catania. Kea Atelier

Photographic collection of Wedding Dresses and Formal Wear

The photographic collection of the most important images of the creations of Kea Atelier – The Secret Garden

Dresses like paintings

The wedding and formal dresses by Kea Atelier are truely similar to works of art. Admiring them live is certainly an aesthetic and sensory experience. But the creations of Kea Atelier are also beautiful to photograph.

In our photo gallery you can admire the clothes and accessories of our collections photographed by great artists of the lens. These artists let themselves be inspired by the beauty of the colours, the delicacy of the fabrics and of course the great evocative power of the unique style of Kea Atelier. As a consequence of such a union therefore, there is not only reportage of our fashion shows, but also photographic series that are real stories presented through images

The colours, the places, the style of Sicilian creativity

For example there are photos that recount the Calatinus collection. The Sicilian setting further enhances the combination of modernity and tradition that is the stylistic code of Kea Atelier. Furthermore, the solidity of the stone of Sicilian architecture and the impalpability of the bobbin lace, juxtapose and harmonize even in their contrast. Finally, the artist’s vision recreates the image of a woman similar to a nymph. Well rooted in its solid origins, yet ethereal and projected into the future. Exactly the idea that Kea Atelier proposes for wedding and formal dresses..

Kea Atelier together with "A girl for the cinema"

Among these images you will also find some shots related to “A girl for the cinema”. In fact, in 2018 Kea Atelier accompanied the Sicilian stages of this prestigious event that celebrated beauty and elegance.

Also the tombolo on the catwalk

And finally: in some of these photos you will also see the tombolo on the catwalk. Used by the skilled hands of the designer’s mother, often this instrument so precious for our creations, appears during the fashion shows. And therefore the skill of the artisan, the creation of the designer, the grace of our models. All these ingredients will give you a preview of what you will find at Kea Atelier. Only an essential element to complete this picture is missing: your personality, unique and unrepeatable.