The Tombolo

The Tombolo. Kea Atelier | The Secret Garden

Kea Atelier Il Giardino Segreto lavorazione Tombolo

A treasure handed down to lovers of beauty

It seems that the origin of bobbin work is lost in the dawn of history. In fact, bone spindles have even been found among materials related to the Etruscan culture. Thus, in the course of the centuries, the tradition of the tombolo has remained alive and present among the female arts. The skills acquired, handed down from generation to generation, remain in the collective memory always bringing new preciousness to this art.

Here today, the production of bobbin embroidery has become increasingly appreciated by admirers of beauty. To explain it is the particularity of the processing, its difficulty, evident in the production times, that make this a sought-after and appreciated product. In short it is a work similar to that of our ancestors. The possession of such an embroidery thus becomes a true treasure to be handed down from mother to daughter. This is due to the rarity of the work and designs jealously guarded by those who still hand down “manually” stitches and embroidery.

Precious lace for exclusive dresses

A sudden spark. Here’s what was ignited in she who is the mind and heart of Kea Atelier. The idea of using the finest handmade Sicilian lace in her creations. A technique still practiced today by her mother. And all this in order to make the collections even more precious. Therefore nowadays these laces are lightened as a result of delicate work and adorned with precious fabrics. Thus they come to life on dresses of powerful materiality and delicate surreality. In conclusion, these dresses are dedicated to those who love beauty and refinement. Wedding dresses, formal dresses and accessories of great refinement designed to exclusively complete your choice.

An ancient art: that of the tombolo, an instrument proposed as a Unesco heritage. This is the new protagonist of a modern ceremony, highly exclusive and rich in style.

Tradition and innovation therefore blend without canceling each other out. They also marry together in these highly tailored garments. Finally, clothes of eternal beauty come to life, with a Sicilian and cosmopolitan flavour.

Sicilian creativity between tradition and modernity.

The tombolose are unique accessories of their kind which originally complete a bride’s outfit. And why not, also those of guests and bridesmaids or formal dresses in general. The coffa embellished with the tombolo is an exclusive creation of Kea Atelier in Catania. Once again conceived by the designer, in her continuous search for beauty and novelty, with a heart always focused on the value of the skilled arts in popular culture.