The Tombolose

Le Tombolose. Kea Atelier | Il Giardino Segreto

Le Tombolose

From a work instrument to a style symbol

It would be fun to see the expression of an ancient peasant woman in Catania in front of the transformation of the “coffa”. A bag, hand-woven with the curina (or rather the Sicilian dwarf palm), she used it as a basket for the horse feed or to transport material by mule. So let’s imagine her amazement to view her triumph on the catwalk today. In fact for some time now the coffa has been used as a beach and leisure bag, baroque and coloured. Now the coffa has becomes an elegant fashion accessory in its own right even with formal clothing.

The tombolose: the winning detail for your formal wear

Kea Atelier, from the province of Catania, propels the coffe into the ceremony dimension. But there is more.. the coffees of Kea Atelier take a new name, coming from the particularity that Kea Atelier gives to its creations. The “Tombolose” are born, that is the ceremonial coffees decorated with bobbin lace. An absolute novelty of this atelier, which from Catania is creating the most innovative style for both the bride and the ceremony. In the Tombolose two traditional elements, the coffa and the tombolo, come together to give life to the unique detail that will make your wedding dress irresistible. The lightness of the bobbin workmanship as well as the rustic materiality of the palm therefore give life to a precious and original element. A style detail and personality for a wedding dress outside the box but inside style.

Sicilian creativity between tradition and modernity.

The tombolose are unique accessories of their kind which originally complete a bride’s outfit. And why not, also those of guests and bridesmaids or formal dresses in general. The coffa embellished with the tombolo is an exclusive creation of Kea Atelier in Catania. Once again conceived by the designer, in her continuous search for beauty and novelty, with a heart always focused on the value of the skilled arts in popular culture.