Catania Wedding Dresses

Abiti Sposa Catania. Kea Atelier | Il Giardino Segreto. Abiti da Sposa e Cerimonia

Abiti Sposa Catania Kea Atelier Il Giardino Segreto

A unique wedding dress ... just like you

On her wedding day every woman wants her wedding dress to talk about her and her story. A wedding dress relates the woman and her dream: whether it is romantic or simple, it must make her feel like a princess at the centre of her fairytale.

That is why Kea Atelier only creates custom-made dresses, dresses that are created to enhance the unique beauty of every woman. Creations that emphasize her character and her personality, making her as magnificent and elegant as a dream: her dream!

The art of research and exclusivity

For Kea Atelier to create means to be constantly searching. The unparalleled design of these dresses is accompanied by the use of the newest and most exclusive materials. The fabrics are of the highest quality and absolute trend. Also in addition to this is the way of working, unique for each dress. All the artist’s brushstrokes that contribute to the creation of a masterpiece of high tailoring.

Each dress is a unique piece like the woman who will wear it. Not to mention the care given to the creation of accessories: the detail is that which makes every job magnificent and complete. And therefore for Kea Atelier, refined detail is the difference.

An ancient art for a modern bride

Reclaiming the traditions and interpreting them in the contemporary world is the style seal of the wedding dresses and the creations of Kea Atelier. Consequently as a result of this Kea Atelier proposes bobbin lacework. An ancient art of decoration that today is established as the indispensable detail for a bride’s wedding dress and accessories. The pieces are also created using coloured yarns that are inspired by the colours of Sicily and its arts. For example, the Calatinus collection, is inspired by the chromatic influences taken from the ceramics of Caltagirone .